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This is a gap in the web by The Artist Formerly Known As Tim Inklammern also known as A Symbol That He Has Lost Control.(.T.)

Sweet Sweat Squad (wearing sweaters).

42 x 29,7 cm

My only friend.

28 x 21 cm
14 x 10,5 cm

Thank god it's Friday...again.

28 x 21 cm

Coffe is eigentlich the new sleep, Alter!

28 x 21 cm
The first drawing I made some days before our journey to "MIKRO MAKRO KOSMOSment" ...funny: - the "Füllwörter"-thing became a conversational topic on our ride to Germersheim, Junge.

Another other DB-story.

One week later.
He's still playing the keyboard.
His stick is taped.
He's hurrying up.
But: he's fine.

A DB-Story on another other day and a following other day.

21 x 14,8 cm
28 x 21 cm
The story behind:
Sometimes on my way home (riding the big steelworm), there is this keyboard-guy, playin' da funky shit... He's blind and for better orientation he has got a stick. This one day he got himself in trouble with a train guard. It was for no reason (seemed to me, that it was for the "begging" how the DB would call it...) It led to the point, where the guard pulled his foot ON the blindman's stick to hold him getting off the train. To make a long story short, finally the musician jumped off the train, leaving the guard and his stick...

Sausage is the new apple.

14 x 21 cm


14 x 21 cm

Thank god it's Friday.

28 x 21 cm

Some other days.

28 x 21 cm

Food in the books

28 x 21 cm

In Germersheim...

...there was standing room only.
And there still is a lot to see...so brace yourself up for a visit!


Yeah, you might have guessed. It's a JECKMANN!
(Unfortunately not longer with us anymore...he really had to understand the meaning of Tim und ich...)

Just like old times...

21 x 29,7 cm
Snake is the new scarf.

Tim and him

21 x 14,8 cm