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This is a gap in the web by The Artist Formerly Known As Tim Inklammern also known as A Symbol That He Has Lost Control.(.T.)


29,7 x 21 cm
Suddenly his pillow turned into a chicken. After a short wrestledown, he pushed the chickenpillow away.
Then he kept on dreaming.


ca. 4,3 x 5,6 cm
ca. 430 x 56 cm

Mehr Büsche

43,2 x 27,2 cm

Philmin' Philbao (Philming Philming Phil philming phluorescent pherson phalking)

Walkin' Bilbao

You've got 46 secs.
You've got 32 secs.

Trippin' Bilbao

Small planes...
...big plans.
Birds in bags of Bilbao I.
Birds over Bilbao.
Birds in Bags of Bilbao II.
Boys of Bilbao (be good).
Boys of Bilbao (be bad).
Boy of Bilbao.
Backs of Bilbao (Cheshire in my back IV).
Bombs over Bilbao.
Breasts of Bilbao.
Breaks of Bilbao.
Birds of Bilbao.
Birds breaking in Bilbao.
Back from Bilbao.
The search has only just started.

My nuts

12,5 x 10,7 cm (the nuts, not the pic)
August Engelhardt made me do it.

Mond (24052012)

29 x 19,5 cm (the ass, not the pic)
It's the best selfportrait ever. I'm done. Bye.
(Chat is now open.) (not the ass)

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Damn! You stole my guinea pig! Two wrongs do not make a right!
anonymous vor 1 Minute

That's disgusting! Do you really think that'll work?! Stop drawing!
anonymous vor 2 Minuten

Witness the fitness!
the cruffatin liveth vor 4 Minuten

Alle Macht geht von der Zitrone aus.
anonymous vor 5 Minuten

Blek le rat vor 7 Minuten

Reminds me of Stonehenge...
Mattis Hogur vor 10 Sonnenkreisen

Mir ist kalt!
dein Arsch vor 20 Minuten

Does it hurt?
anonymous vor 21 Minuten

Hello Tim! Where are you?
Jacopo vor 23 Minuten

Tryfonas Samaras vor 25 Minuten

Watch me dance.
Tim kurz danach

anonymous vor her

Schlimmer wirds ja wohl nicht?
anonymous vor 27 Minuten

Private Probleme?! Wo ist der Bericht????
Kollegin vor 28 Minuten

anonymous vor anonymous

anonymous vor weg

Matthew come home!
anonymous@Matthew vor 29 Minuten

I've been foiled again!
Matthew Randle vor 30 Minuten 

Surely, man had never before so terribly altered, in so brief a period, as had Roderick Usher!
E. A. Poe vor 31 Minuten

Da ist die Scheiße drin.
Thomas vor 32 Minuten

Fullfront nudity!
anonymous vor 1 Stunde

What happened to my strawberry hills?
anonymous vor 1 Stunde

Would the real Tim Shady please shut up?!
anonymous vor zheim

Stop smiling! Harvey Ball did it first!
Harvey Davidson vor 1 Stunde

Hey August, I'm going to show your nuts!
Tim @ August Engelhardt vor 2 Stunden

A half white boy needs another half white boy to win.
anonymous vor 2 Stunden

Endlich scheint die Sonne!
anonymous vor 3 Stunden

Show your nuts!
August Engelhardt vor 3 Stunden

It's 4 o' clock! I've to hurry up!
the white rabbit vor 3 Stunden

Das wird ja immer geiler hier. geil!
anonymous vor gestern

The hills have Scheiß.
anonymous vor 3 Stunden, 49 Minuten, 22 Sekunden

Moby Dick!
Ahab vor 4 Stunden

This is the most shittiest music I've ever heard! Are you on drugs?
xxtremous vor 2 Monaten

Bonnie vor 4 Stunden

I still don't give a fuck!
EMINEM etwas später

Ich war nur einmal krank!
Heinz Wäscher vor 5 Stunden

Die Bötchen am Kai sind mit Resten bepackt.
anonymous vor 6 Stunden

Yo that's the difference.
Xzibit heute morgen

Die Brötchen vom Nick haben den besten Kack!
anonymous@Tim vor 7 Stunden

Die Brötchen von Nick haben den besten Knack!
Tim vor 7 Stunden

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Cosy Brown

43,2 x 27,2 cm


43,2 x 27,2 cm

Cat in the back III

43,2 x  27,2 cm
As she told you before: she 's a Cheshire Cat. That's why.


29,7 x 21 cm

Matthew has been foiled

Foil him again today and watch me dance
tonight at 7 pm

So what's the difference between us?

- We can start at the penis.

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Entlich gehts mal zur Sache hier. Geil!
anonymous vor 1 Stunde

This is the most shittiest music I've ever heard! Are you on drugs?
xxtremous vor 2 Monaten

I just don't give a fuck!
EMINEM in den 90ern

Would you please stand up?
the real tim shady ununterbrochen

Yo that's the difference.
Xzibit in den 80ern

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Strawberry Hills

Für Ole.


43,2 x 27,2 cm
29,7 x 21 cm


29,7 x 21 cm
The only solution.

The only solution

29,7 x 21 cm

Philip Emde

Nur noch zweimal schlafen. (Wer kann.)

Tim Davis meets George Popov

Got yourself an Einblatt. (Especially No. 010)



In the streets

Recently I found this large 50 €-banknote. Now I'm a made man! See you somewhere at the beach! Bye.

Philip Emde (I always wanted to do a post with this title...)

Philip Emde (the second best drawer in Cologne) has won the Joseph-und-Anna-Fassbender-Preis für Handzeichnung und Grafik 2012.
I love him.
And I love his drawings.
'Nuff said. Go there and see for yourself!
Opening Event: Tuesday 15052012 - 7pm.


43,2 x 27,2 cm